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Here, at All thats Left, we take you on a magical journey of exploring the world of gambling!

Whether you like visiting the traditional casino or playing online, there is always some fun to be had. The different types of games you have the choice of playing, it all looks so appealing. But, the jackpot always looks better, especially if it’s a rollover jackpot. The bigger, the better, yes?

You will learn a lot about what the gambling industry has to offer you. We take a look at how easy it is to become addicted to gambling, the convenience and excitement that online gambling can bring, and we highlight common mistakes that beginner gamblers make when they first visit a traditional casino on the Las Vegas strip.

Some people are serious gamblers, others are not. There is always going to be losses made and a few winning bets here and there.

Remember, gambling is a game based purely on chance. It’s not about a winning streak or having lucky dice. There is no winning strategy either. You win or you lose. It’s that simple. Most importantly, gamble responsibly wherever you are!