Gambling Mistakes to Avoid in Any Casino

Over 50% of the people that visit Las Vegas come to gamble at the casinos. It’s not just about the trendy nightclubs, fancy restaurants, or getting hitched by an ordained and licensed Elvis Presley impersonator.

Below, we outline five mistakes gamblers make when visiting a casino.

You’re Not James Bond

Mr. Bond makes blackjack look super easy to play and win. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s that easy. There are rules to the game one must learn and follow. Start with small bets until you’re satisfied with the prospect of raising the stakes.

When It’s Over, It’s Over

Don’t get too excited when you win a bet and then decide to go overboard. Stay calm and clear minded. You want to avoid losing more than you allowed yourself to lose when you first started. Walk away before it’s too risky.

Poker Bluff

Your rivals will see straight through your bluff if you put on that facade from start to finish. Eventually, they will make you lose all your bets too. Keep it interesting, bluff a little here and there.

The Temptation of Slot Machines

Thinking you’re just using your pocket change to play the slot machines is a dangerous game to play. What happens when you run out of pocket change? You go looking for a lot more…

Etiquette of Table Gambling

There are those that know the etiquette involved with table gambling and then there are those that have no idea. It’s very similar to table manners actually. Firstly, don’t just sit in the first empty seat you see at the table. Ask if it’s taken then proceed from there. Secondly, no matter how disappointed you are from losing each round, don’t take it out on the dealers or players. Security will escort you out of there quicker than you think.

If you think you have an addiction to gambling, check out the National Council of Problem Gambling online.